Ucraina: Saakashvili arestat. Proteste în Kiev. Imagini Live.

Ucraina: Saakashvili arestat. Proteste în Kiev. Imagini Live.

Un dresor din Ucraina a fost muşcat de mai mulţi lei chiar în timpul unei reprezentaţii la circul din Liov. Bărbatul a fost internat la spital cu multiple răni grave. Spectatorii îngroziţi au părăsit imediat sala. Imaginile surprinse sunt terifiante.

Detaliile cauzei sunt aici:

Dresorul ucrainean se numește pe numele său adevărat Mikhail Saakashvili și a crezut că poate reforma administrația publică coruptă din Ucraina.

Most importantly, he has been tasked to reform what some say is Ukraine’s most corrupt region, and rein in the extensive influence there of the country’s richest men – the so-called „oligarchs”.
„He (and whatever team he appoints around him) will have several difficult battles ahead – the most obvious being with the notoriously corrupt customs at Yuzhny, Illichivsk and Odessa ports,” said Nikolai Holmov, who writes a blog on Odessa.

Trasmisia video, în direct, prin Radio Svoboda:

The leader of the Movement of New Forces, former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili suspected of facilitating the participation of criminal organizations and concealing their criminal activity, the Security Service of Ukraine said. According to the department, on December 5, the SBU, together with the Prosecutor General’s Office, detained Saakashvili at the place of his residence within the framework of the relevant criminal proceedings.


Ex-President of Georgia, former Odesa Oblast governor and leader of the Movement of New Forces Mikheil Saakashvili stands on the roof of the eight-story apartment building where he lives while the SBU searched his apartment.

According to the Kyiv Post correspondent, law enforcement officers took Saakashvili from his apartment to the street and put him in a blue van. However, protesters prevented the police from driving Saakashvili away by blocking Triokhsviatitelska Street.

One supporter even threatened to burn himself alive, the Ukrainska Pravda website reported.

Saakashvili, who was the governor of Odesa southern Ukrainian Oblast in 2015-2016, has since become one of the most vehement critics of President Petro Poroshenko.

On Dec. 3, he led thousands in a rally in central Kyiv calling for Poroshenko’s impeachment.

Saakashvili’s supporters said the attempt to arrest the controversial politician was political revenge of the type also used by Poroshenko’s predecessor, Viktor Yanukovych.

Yanukovych imprisoned his main political opponent Yulia Tymoshenko in 2011.

Redăm și un citat din

According to his close associate David Sakravedlidze, at approximately 7am local time government prosecutors appeared at his home in the Ukrainian capital. They had tried to force entry and conduct a search of his apartment, he added.  

Mr Saakashvili, who has been based in Ukraine for the past three years, fled to his roof in protest as a crowd of supporters gathered below. He has now been arrested, with video from the scene showing officers taking him away as several hundred protesters try to block the road.

It is well known that Mr Saakashvili is in direct conflict with Ukraine’s president, Petro Poroshenko. Mr Poroshenko has not been afraid to use governmental bodies such as the prosecutor’s office against his foe.

Imagini live pot fi urmărite și de pe pagina acestuia:

Acum 2 ani și jumătate, un interviu acordat Euronews:

Guvernatorul din Odesa, Saakașvili: „corupția – zona pierderilor – tot Ucraina va fi în necaz”



Authorities arrest Saakashvili in Kyiv, clash with his supporters (VIDEO)

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